Employee Screening

EMT assists our clients to sift out devious individuals who provide fictitious facts (or conceal information) regarding background and experience, such as giving false reasons for termination of previous employment.

Identifying such elements reduces the risk of financial losses, damage to public image and to reputation, unnecessary staff training costs, litigation, and reduction of staff morale.

Experience has shown that structured screening raises the success ratio when legal action has to be taken and reduces fidelity insurance costs.

We are presently undergoing a rapid expansion of regulations and rules regarding liability of corporate officers and corporate bodies and their legal obligations to shareholders, clients and personnel.

This makes it even more vital to determine that employees are exactly who and what they claim to be. No business can afford to do without employee screening.

Furthermore, contingency fee litigation in the public sector has given rise to an increase in malpractice claims. Those companies who neglect employee screening are taking a big risk.