Business investigations

Record Searches
Our exclusive access to a number of databases that you cannot access on your own, allows you to become privy to relevant details about your client.

Asset Tracing
EMT offers comprehensive searches of assets to corporations, law firms, bankers' workout or restructuring departments, financial institutions and creditors. These are vital in bankruptcies, post-judgments, debtor assessments, loan defaults and any kind of asset recovery which has been fraudulently dispersed.

Leaks of Confidential Information
Loss of sensitive data to competitors in the marketplace can cause a company significant damage. We employ bleeding-edge investigative methods to identify those responsible for the leaks, determine their motives and rectify the situation.

Breach of Fiduciary Duties
We provide clients with data, evidence and assistance in fighting cases of personnel they suspect are diverting customers to shadow entities, setting up competing markets and persuading employees to violate their contracts.

Investigation of Repayment Capability of Borrowers
When collection agencies and financial institutions deal with borrowers, they need to have accurate, updated information regarding the borrower's capabilities. EMT offers our clients critical data regarding the applicant, before or after the loan.

Fraud Investigations
We excel at providing our clients with all the tools needed to expose/resolve cases of internal and external fraud, including procurement fraud, loan fraud, theft of liquid assets and misuse of company property