EMT Forensic

FBI Criminal background checks and Fingerprints services by EMT Israel
Fingerprinting is required by regulatory authorities in the US, Canada and other countries for several of reasons, mainly for criminal background check as an integral part of the war against world crime.
With the range of our activities in the forensic field, EMT Israel offers two kinds of services:

Taking fingerprints images from applicant in accordance with accepted international regulations using the relevant forms. 
Expedite process (within 2-3 weeks) of all the requirements by the FBI, in order to have the official FBI certificate of criminal background check. 

 Fingerprints are taken in accordance with accepted international regulations from Israeli / US / Canada applicants or others who need to apply for government authorities / licensing / adoptions or live work or travel in a foreign country.

The services provided at our locations in Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv / Ramat-Gan as well as other locations.

To co-ordinate meeting with our fingerprints expert in Israel, please call or e-mail:

E-mail: emt@emt.co.il
Phone: (03) 6999001
Or  +972 (2) 6795177

Criminal Investigations
We evaluate and investigate events in which criminal activities were perpetrated by the organization itself or by its directors. We help the legal team to obtain evidence, statements, crime scene evaluation and reconstruction. Our experienced team also includes experts in Forensic Accountancy, who make certain that no important accounting evidence is overlooked or ignored when examining accounting records. We support client's litigation, providing them with substantiation of fraudulent acts and concealment, provide expert evidence when appropriate and estimate losses.

Theft and Forgery Investigations
Rumor or Truth? Do you suspect any corruption brewing in one of your branches? Our top-notch team is experienced in assembling all the necessary data to assist clients in rooting out corruption at home and abroad.

DNA Forensic testing services
DNA is the "hard disk" storing our appearance, capabilities, characters, diseases and much more. Minor changes in one DNA cell reflect tremendous differences between each individual. The uses of DNA tests are wide but Crime Scene Analysis and Paternity Test or other Relative Tests are the most common. We offer fully accredited, "court approved" (up to 99.9999%) DNA tests, which provide an easy solution for any kind of issue. The test is simple and does not require any previous arrangement. Our forensic experts will be happy to assist you with full confidentiality. For more information and types of tests, please visit at www.dnasolutions.com.